Kia Wharite Videos

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Leon Stratford - Kia Wharite Ranger
Leon Stratford is a passionate Kia Wharite Ranger who strongly believes in pest management to help protect the native species. Come along and learn about how the traps work, what kind of introduced predators are targeted and the native species that play a key role in this fragile ecosystem.

The stoat is NZ’s biggest killer of all.
Haydn Jones discovers they are rapidly munching through our native birdlife.
Cute mass murderer video from TVNZ Seven Sharp

Silent forests - 1080 myth examined.
Dr Graeme Elliott is running a project on the impacts of repeated use of 1080 on forest birds.

Whio Forever video
Profile of two DOC staff who work with whio.

Pouri Hut, a great kiwi listening spot
One of the many great places to visit in the Kia Wharite project area is Pouri Hut on the Matemateaonga Track.

Whio on the Manganui o te Ao
The Manganui o te Ao is one of eight critical sites in New Zealand for whio recovery. Kia Wharite is currently protecting 50 pairs of whio over 50 kilometres of river.

Whio protecting their boundaries
Whio are extremely territorial, they protect an unseen territory from other ducks and predators, attacking any who cross the invisible line.

Whanganui National Park - Kia Wharite project area
The Kia Wharite project area covers 180,000 hectares of public and private land across the Whanganui National Park and central plateau.