Experiencing Kia Wharite

Recreation opportunities in the Kia Wharite project area

There are many ways to experience the region’s fabulous biodiversity and its rich cultural history. Stay overnight in Whanganui National Park and you will almost certainly hear kiwi. Visit the Ruatiti Domain or Whakahoro and you will likely encounter blue duck. You can access the area by canoe, jetboat, walking tracks or car.

A great kiwi listening spot

The recent development of the Ruapehu – Whanganui Trails as part of the national cycle trail, means that you can now visit the famous Mangapurua Valley, in the heart of the Kia Wharite project area, by bike. Work on the trail is well underway with the Mangapurua section open for use and the kaiwhakauka section opening in 2011.

The Matemateaonga Track is a 3-4 day tramp along the Matemateaonga range with extraordinary views of the Kia Wharite project area