Leon's Ferret caught Oct 2010

Kia Wharite - working over a mixture of private and public land

The project aims to increase the North Island brown kiwi population

The Manganui o te Ao River is 1 of 8 critical recovery sites for whio in New Zealand

Goats chew through the forest understory, in many places there has been no regrowth for decades

Whio Family soaking up the sun on the Manganui o te Ao River

Looking across the Kia Wharite area to the central plateau from the Matemateaonga Track
View of the Kaitieke Valley

Whio family on the Retaruke River

Pest control is vital for allowing bird populations to recover - Photo Nga Manu Images
Introduced pests are having a damaging affect on New Zealands native plants and wildlife - Photo Nga Manu Images

50 kilometres of Retaruke and Manganui o te Ao rivers are trapped for stoats

Aerial applications are an essential tool for effective predator control in an area with such rugged terrain

Orautoha School students maintain their own stoat trap line with local whio rangers