Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kia Whārite - Mangapurua, Rat & Stoat Control Operation

From 31/8/2012, the Department of Conservation, Whanganui Area Office, intend to apply baits containing sodium fluoroacetate (1080) over 31,000 ha of the Whanganui National Park and surrounding reserves to control possums for the protection of forest ecosystems. The operational area is between; the Heao Stream, ridge to the east of the Mangapurua Stream and Whakahoro the southern boundary is the Whanganui and Tangarākau Rivers.
Method of control: Cereal baits containing the pesticide 1080 will be aerially sown throughout the block.  Poison baits are green cylindrical pellets about 3 cm long made from cereal.  Prior to the poison drop non-toxic prefeed baits will be aerially sown.

This pesticide is poisonous to humans and domestic animals.
DO NOT touch bait                                                                        
 WATCH CHILDREN at all times                                                
 DO NOT EAT animals from this area                                           
 • DO NOT allow DOGS access to animal carcasses. Observe these rules whenever you see warning signs placed at the public access ways in the above areas.